Hach’s HQd meters work with IntelliCAL™ ultra, rugged, standard refillable and standard gel-filled pH probes to meet your measurement needs. Multiple probes work with one meter, without the need to recalibrate. Track performance with calibration history. A variety of cable lengths available ranging from 1 m for lab to 30 m for rugged field use.

A customized solution for water quality testing that takes the guesswork out of your measurements.

Easy to Use in the Field

The wide variety of rugged probe options available for the portable meter means it is perfect for field use. All connections between the meter and the probe are secure and waterproof. Connectors can be color-coded for quick identification. Information is clearly displayed on one screen with back light for low light conditions. Display results can be enlarged for easier reading.

Probes for Every Application

For high-volume labs or applications where performance is critical, IntelliCAL Red Rod pH electrodes incorporate proven technology to deliver superior accuracy and response times— even when measuring challenging samples over a wide temperature range. Standard lab probes and rugged field probes are available to measure a wide variety of parameters. Several probes use specialty designs for specific measurement applications. All IntelliCAL probes are automatically recognized by HQd meters and retain calibration history and method settings to minimize errors and setup time.