The DREL Industrial Water Quality Laboratory (2922501) contains a DR 1900 portable spectrophotometer along with the reagents and apparatus necessary to run approximately 100 tests on 25 different parameters. Two test kit cases are included. One case holds the instrument and accessories, and the other case holds reagents and testing apparatus. The Instrument Case has additional storage space for adding optional pH meter, portable turbidmeter, and 2 probes. Case size (2 cases): 21x11.5x11 (WxDxH)

Hach DREL Portable Water Quality Laboratories are for customers that need flexibility, accuracy and convenience of a portable spectrophotometer, with all necessary reagents and apparatus, in a rugged, well-organized carrying case. These kits all include a DR 1900, reagents and apparatus necessary for running each included test 100 times.

  • Contains durable instruments, premeasured reagents impervious to environmental contamination, and apparatus and labware
  • Instruments have the option of running on batteries, so tests can be run without concern for sample preservation and handling
  • Rugged kit is designed to withstand harsh field conditions
  • All-new DR1900 portable spectrophotometer is incredibly light (3.3 lbs) with battery, and can read Hach TNT+ vials