Company Profile

Domestic Trading Corporation provides the instruments to monitor and measure the environment. From instruments that can give the wind direction, speed and ground temperature to the airport authorities, to the radars that can measure the intensity of the forthcoming typhoon to the weather forecasters, and the units that can measure the quality of drinking water to the local government units, Domestic has the equipment and instruments that give the most accurate and precise information to its customers. Through cutting edge and innovative technologies, Domestic provides its customers the competitive advantage to succeed in their respective fields of interest.


We want to be the company of choice of our suppliers, employees, customers and community in the businesses that we operate in.

Core Values

  • Innovation
  • Integrity
  • Inspired
  • Intertwined
  • Adaptability


Our market mission: We aim to provide the correct solutions to the needs and requirements of our customers.

Our productive mission: We want to grow the company, provide a good return to our shareholders and create an environment where our employees can achieve both personal and professional growth.

Our social mission: We keep in mind that our actions and decisions shall always be for the improvement of the lives of the people around us and the community that we serve.